rokr productions is a stage management brand, for promoters & festival organisers who have little or no experience of quick stage/band turn-arounds, or have no desire to deal with such a function at their shows. Please contact us for more information on this coset effective, highly professional service.
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The Rock Show is the companys flagship & eponymous brand, as well as our longest running project. The pre-packed portion was started in 2007 for an internet-only audience, but grew to become a globally recognised name in the field of rock & metal broadcasting, being syndicated on dozens of FM radio stations around the world in places such as the USA, central & south America, Australia & New Zealand, Germany & so many more. There were always stations & services asking how they could syndicate the worlds favourite rock & metal show!™ Audience figures rose weekly & steadily since the launch of the show & listening figures averaged between 10 & 12 million listeners globally, as it was served as a freebie on iTunes alongside other "on-demand" services. Today The Rock Show website hosts the free downloads, & serves as the main information platform for our on-air operations.

The LIVE! version of The Rock Show was originally a weekly & hugely popular, award-winning melee of organised anarchy! It was set from many varied worldwide locations, but primarily from our own exclusive padded cell in Llanelli, starting in October 2011, & since mid-July 2014 we are in our permanent home; The Bunker (located at Fluffy Bottom in deepest darkest west Wales). While this would have appeared to run in the same vein as it's sister project, it is very much a live environment; the crew welcomes varied guests on to the show, in the studios as well as on the 'phones & they're always top notch. We operate on the chaos theory; always lots of on-air tomfoolery & guff. LIVE! is also a worldwide syndicated show, serving the best stations & networks around the world, meaning we are free from the constraints of normal radio regulations, generally speaking, so if you're planning to listen in to our constant streaming archive, or becoming a member, please be prepared because anything goes in any of our presentations! The website & associated web-streaming services endeavour to keep you entertained. The LIVE! show is available weekly, on Monday evenings from 8pm in the UK (check for timings in your region by clicking here).
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'Big' Jim, the host of these projects, won the prestigious DJ of the Year award in 2012 & 2014 at the awards ceremonies held in north London. These accolades were voted on by the public, bands & listeners of the show. Jim is ably & mentally assisted by the multi-instrumentalist AaronJam.

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