We understand how important it is for parents to take an active role in their children's activities & interests, so The Rock Show Limited is committed to advising parents as & when we can about the content we produce which is freely accessible by everyone regardless of age. While our broadcasts are ideally aimed at people of 16 years or older, we cannot be the internet police & monitor the ages of all our site visitors & clients. At the start of each editon of The Rock Show we broadcast a warning regarding possible content therein.

However, it's our belief that music is vital in all forms & but no other genres of music inspires such passion as rock & heavy metal. But while the music is exceptional, on the whole, the people behind the music do things that appear to harm the industry, & unfortunately fanatics of these artists emulate their heroes sometimes taking their love for their chosen artist to extremes.

It's also true that bad or offensive language pervades the music industry in general, so we strive to temper the effects of this as much as possible. Providing any bad language isn't out of context, incites violence & hatred towards a particular race, religion or orientation, then The Rock Show Limited takes it upon itself to allow the inclusion of colourful language in its pre-recorded content. We explicitly permit our outlets to edit our content as fit for their purpose, though, so if your local outlet is carrying The Rock Show your child should hear a more under-16 friendly edition of our broadcast.

Our digital media & publishing is free from any bad language, as we feel this degrades the visuals of our websites & imaging. We encourage all parents to help their children select suitable entertainment, & to understand the differences between fantasy & real life.

rokr live events productions will be aimed 16-or-over & strict age verification guidelines will be observed by agents of this brand as & when the productions take place. Further information will be available at the venues & locations our productions will be staged.

If you have any concerns about your child/ward of care & their activities, we urge you to talk to the young person in the first instance. We are not a counselling service, nor qualified in any way to provide counselling on any issue, but we will speak for our brands & products as required. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Your enquiry will be handled in the utmost confidence, & with the as much understanding as possible.

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