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This week we discuss the tragic end of Silver King in London, & our special guest is big Joe Porritt
discussing training with Bram, social media & mental health, & starting out in the Attitude era.
Episode 73 - The Big Jonk Theory
This week we're joined by 'Titan' Jon Kocel, & discuss his recent appearance with music artist Lewis Capaldi, history, the moon landings, 9-11 & Terry Wogan.

Episode 72 - A Knight's Tale
This week we have an exclusive interview with Roy Knight in which we discuss his career, the Knight legacy, Fighting With My Family & his new book

Episode 71 - Fabulous Muta
This week we discuss the Viceland TV series Dark Side Of The Ring, lousy days out & Donald Trump butt plugs

Episode 70 - Teddy Bonkers
This week we discuss broken hearts, broken cars, Hammer Horror, walks with the dog & a whole heap of Easter bullshit. Do join us won't you.

Episode 69 - Areola Grande
This week the usual gang of idiots dissect the weeks news & gossip, plus we're also joined by Producer Jim to run down the past weekends big shows Stateside!

Episode 68 - Fish Hour
This week we discuss customer services, skydiving, cosmetic surgery & another spoken word rap master class from Joby Johnson.

Episode 67 - Sweet Dreams
This week we run down the Wrestlemania card, discuss Stu's dreams of Paige, Joby tries to rap Cardi B style & much more!

Episode 66 - Who's Bad?
This week, as well as wrestling nonsense, we discuss the Michael Jackson allegations, football violence & whether it's wise to sext your boss.

Episode 65 - Momo
This week we discuss the Momo internet scare story, celebrity deaths & dog flatulence.

Episode 64 - Mass debate
This week the usual gang of idiots discuss Jihadi brides, WWE Hall Of Famers & the resurgence of the jigsaw.

Episode 63 - Mambo 65
This week my special guest is 'Ruffneck' Keith Colwill. We discuss mental health advice for up & coming wrestlers, plus late 17th century porcelain!

Episode 62 - Tower Bridge sex rumble
This week we discuss the Royal Rumble, social media slip ups, late night Channel 4 French porn & much more nonsense with our special guests.

Episode 61 - The best a Bulk can get
This week Bulk returns to the show with his take on music, wrestling & rubber fists. We also talk male toxicity with old man Joby Johnson.

Episode 60 - Period drama
This week we discuss wrestlings' latest ridiculous stunt, AEW, OVW & several unbelievable news stories from around the world are also discussed.

Episode 59 - End of year special
This week we reflect on our great year by chatting with a few trainees from our A.S.W.A. Sussex branch. We also discuss the remarkable Xmas episode of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch.

Episode 58 - Not the Xmas special
This week our guest is Mr Universe Roy McLean talking about his accomplishments, personal training & diet, & we also discuss the goings on in the world of British Wrestling.

Episode 57 - Life's a puzzle
This week Stu & Tarnya chat with Liam Dowe & Joby Johnson about the NXT-UK contract situation, the new handheld blowjob machine & the humble 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Episode 56 - Ain't that a punch in the head?
This week we discuss the Nia Jax incident, over the hill rap stars & the Louis Theroux assisted suicide debate.

Episode 55 - Conmen, sleaseballs & liars
This week in a packed episode we discuss Skarlett's IPW debut, a sleazeball promoter trying to sneak back into the business, & the big freakshake debate.

Episode 54 - 20 years of Extreme
We discuss the huge EWW anniversary show along with a look at the Evolution PPV, & general bonfire bullshit.

Episode 53 - Down the rabbit hole
This week we talk to deep tissue specialist Steve Murley, & discuss free energy, healing processes & what your doctor isn't telling you.

Episode 52 - What does everybody want?
In this very special episode we have an exclusive interview with Al Snow, discussing the wrestling business, training & the rise of the Al Snow Wrestling Academy across Europe.

Episode 51 - Whistling Bob
This week we talk Gracie Jiu Jitsu with Paul Bridges from Gracie Barra Hastings. Business, grappling & general nonsense.

Episode 50 - The No Ronnies
This week we talk to Hastings in Focus creator Stuart Baillie, & his
upcoming Big Sleep event in support of the homeless of East Sussex.

Episode 49 - OVW
This week Stu's special guest is Simon Lawrence, discussing the rise of the Al Snow Wrestling Academy, & the future of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Episode 48 - The scourge & the Italian
This week we have an interview with one of the most original music acts in the UK, Leevil, & hot off the back the world premiere of the movie Journeyman, we talk to the man himself Francisco Ciatso.

Episode 47 - Wrestletwits
This week we talk with Jimmy Starr, Maddi Almightyy & from the Twitter sensation Wrestletwits, the excellent Amy Gardiner.

Episode 46 - Papa Daves
This week we bring you an interview with the Twisted genius Dean Ayass & talk about his time with Hammerlock, as the voice of IPW & being on the road with Bret Hart.

Episode 45 - Anniversary waltz
This week, on our first anniversary bumper edition, we play Urban Legend Roulette with 'Big' Jim from The Rock Show LIVE!, talk trash with Joby Johnson & discover why ants are the Japanese of the insect world.

Episode 44 - Paris' ass
This week we discuss fallen heroes of wrestling, racism on the BritWres scene, & of course we discuss the ass of Paris Tate.

Episode 43 - Biscuit hour
This week we discuss the WWE all-female PPV announcement, biscuit idiocy & an interview with freestyle wrestling gold medalist Mark Schultz.

Episode 42 - Yin & tonic
This week we have an exclusive interview with Lionheart from the new ITV WOS brand, & a chat with Grayson Dawn from the Extreme Academy, alongside a bumper batch of listener questions.

Episode 41 - It's coming home
Exclusive interviews with Kelly Sixx discussing his training in Japan, & fresh from NXT UK, referee Mark 'Paz' Parry.

Episode 40 - Cloudmaster
This week Flatliner gets some issues off his chest, & we discuss WWE NEXT UK.

Episode 39 - Take it in deep
This week we take a look at CM Punk's final flourish in the UFC, & we interview Hayden & Becca Loeve from Lincoln Fight Factory wrestling.

Episode 38 - The creator
This week we discuss the All-In show promoted by Cody Rhodes & the Young Bucks, plus there's a very special interview with Nathan Prentice, in which he highlights a visitation that changed his life.
Episode 37 - Disconnect
This week Stu interviews local celebrity Dan Hicks; listen to his own account of battles with drug addiction & mental health, & how he's fought back to become an inspirational figure in the Hastings community.

Episode 36 - You better werk
This week we interview the superb Priscilla Queen of the Ring, & discuss LGBT in pro-wrestling. We also talk to Joby Johnson, plus there's our usual brand of nonsense.

Episode 35 - Them crooked vultures
This week we talk to Bulk who has an exclusive announcement for British wrestling, & much more of the usual nonsense.

Episode 34 - Ailment corner
This week Stu discusses his new found enemy ... diabetes. We also discuss what went on backstage at Bellatrix & much more.

Episode 33 - Plinth
This week we discuss how the Extreme Academy of Wrestling has helped a very important member of our EWW family with mental health problems, & also the fallout from the WAW, World Of Sport & Epic Studios scenario.

Episode 32 - Sex, lies & videotape
This week we talk about more bad news feeling amongst the Britwres crowd, the death of Bruno Sammartino & an interview with the man behind The Rock Show LIVE!, 'Big' Jim Hussell.

Episode 31 - Aliens Vs Dogs
This week Stu & Tarn discuss Wrestlemania, a message about gang violence & alien encounters

Episode 30 - Afro action man
This week we discuss mental health, Battle dinosaurs, twitter wars & Wrestlemania.

Episode 29 - Doom cupboard
We welcome you to our brand new podcast room, where we discuss criminality in pro-wrestling, ball tampering, gym rats obsession with social media & much more.

Episode 28 - Glaswegian stalker
This week we discuss the murky past of Fabulous Moolah & Stu's bizarre late-night encounter with a Glaswegian stalker.

Episode 27 - Peanut butter, jelly & a baseball bat
Stu, Tarnya & Philip Bedwell answer a stack of listener questions in this extended episode.

Episode 26 - Champagne Supernova
This week Stu interviews Mike Bucci about his time in ECW & the WWE, his first meeting with Vince McMahon helping a young John Cena & shares some valuable advice for up & coming wrestlers in the modern age.

Episode 25 - Rubber Johnny
This week we discuss sex robots, intergender wrestling & fast food heists.

Episode 24 - President Fart
This week we have an exclusive interview with Flatliner Chris Manns, & we discuss the Valentines Day shooting, 5 Star Wrestling & Oxfam prostitutes.

Episode 23 - Know your onions!
This week Stu interviews his student AWOL & many topics discussed including being Scott Hall's personal cabbie, wrestling for WAW & the future of British wrestling.

Episode 22 - Boo Whip
This week we discuss Royal Rumble grumbles, continue our discussion of the Britwres sex scandals & sexist things that 'grip Tarns shit'.

Episode 21 - Yum yum Bubblegum
This week we discuss further wayward dick pics in British wrestling, listeners questions, & infuriating Americanisms.

Episode 20 - Operation Stu Tree PART TWO
This week we interview the owner of IPW Billy Wood & discuss his vision for the future of British wrestling, & the latest sex scandals.

Episode 19 - Operation Stu Tree PART ONE
We lift the lid on the seedy side of pro wrestling & also an interview with Dean Joshua Jackson.

Episode 18 - Meatball
In the first episode of the new year Stu & Tarn discuss the upcoming womens Royal Rumble, world's strongest man, trans-gender kids & a specialist interview with Crusher Curtis.

Episode 17 - Yellow Snow
In our last episode of the year, Stu & Tarnya discuss body liquification, Xmas peeves & the Justin Credible incident.

Episode 16 - Dutch custard
Stu & Tarn discuss the WAW Xmas weekender, fans questions, sleep apnea & European custard.

Episode 15 - Questions answered
In this episodes Stu answers some choice listeners questions, & our special guest discussing his performance art & philosophies is Philip Bedwell.

Episode 14 - Hang up on him
Stu & Tarn discuss dodgy takeaways, school assembly & Black Friday. And an exclusive interview with Jeanie Clarke about her rise to fame & autobiography.

Episode 13 - Tube farts
This week we discuss fish cuisine, farting into Smartie tubes & Stu interviews the mastermind behind Lucha Britannia, Garry Vanderhorne.

Episode 12 - Guns, snacks & throw backs
In this weeks episode Stu & Tarn discuss gun control, Korean Asassination & the ill-fated Wrestlexpress show.

Episode 11 - Stay Present
Stu talks mental health with good friend Danielle Free & absolute balderdash with wrestling naan bread Keith Colwill.

Episode 10 - Contraband candy
In this weeks Halloween special Stu a& Tarn discuss the perils of Trick or treat, Witchcraft & other things that give you the hump in the night.

Episode 9 - Vienna
This week Stu interviews one of the UK's greatest ever tag teams, the UK Pitbulls.

Episode 8 - Jon Moores & Jason Cross interviews
This week Stu talks with EWW talent coach Jon Moores & wrestling journeyman Jason Cross.

Episode 7 - Scott Hall & Francisco Ciatso interviews
In this special USA edition, Stu talks to WWE Hall of Fame legend Scott Hall, & also longtime friend, 'The King of Florida' Francisco Ciatso.

Episode 6 - Doug Williams & Kip Sabian interviews
In this weeks episode Stu interviews Doug Williams & Kip Sabian. Also Stu & Tarnya discuss the Jimmy Havoc & Bill Bhatti incident.

Episode 5 - Sweet Saraya Knight interview
An exclusive interview with the matriarch of the Knight family, Sweet Saraya Knight.

Episode 4 - The horror guy
In this packed episode stu chats wrestling, video games & movies with co-host Liam Dowe, & special guest Brett 'Damien' Meadows.

Episode 3 - Titan Interview
This weeks topics include the Sexy Star incident & Stu interviews his tag team partner Titan, & discusses his movie roles on the big screen.

Episode 2 - Skarlett Interview
This week Stu interviews his wife Tarnya about her career in wrestling as Skarlett, her hard upbringing & obstacles she's faced becoming one of the most well known & decorated stars in European women's wrestling.

Episode 1 - Curtain Jerker
In this first ever Stiff Right Hand Podcast The Dominator is joined by Brother Drake & they discuss etiquette, kayfabe killing & the womens wrestling scene.
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