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This week we discuss the British wrestlers reunion, politics in Disney,
depiction of sexes in advertising & Big Jonks' tales from the door.
Episode 83 - Silent Chunder
This week we ask is British wrestling really dying, why are UK 'workers' selling their souls to the UK gutter press, awful movies we've seen and exposing dog shit dumpers.

Episode 82 - More Tea Mr Braithwaite
This week amongst the usual buffoonery we have an exclusive interview with US independent star Shiloh Greaves, who recently received global press for a promo that enraged many people online.

Episode 81 - Jonky Explains It All
This week we are joined by big Jon Kocel & discuss paedophile hunting, bodybuilding, video games & transphobia. Meanwhile, Tarn discovers Bondy stuck in our kitchen window.

Episode 80 - Cuntstomers
This week we talk about Glastonbury, Japan, All Elite Wrestling & the difficulties of working with the general public in the heat!

Episode 79 - Blacktion Man
This week we discuss the rise of the sex dolls, Stu's childhood Action Man crush, & an exclusive interview with former Ubisoft developer Justin Farren, who has worked on huge titles such as Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag.

Episode 78 - Salad With Zybysko
This week we discuss Tyson Fury, hate crimes & Bond themes,
& there's an exclusive interview with Francisco Ciatso.

Episode 77 - Slow Boner
This week we discuss WWE in Saudi Arabia, homophobia, horror movies & fan interaction.

Episode 76 - Bat Rabies
This week we discuss the debut show of AEW, UFO sightings, Cunt of the Week & Tarn tackles ableism Vs entitlement.

Episode 75 - Splash Zone
This week we discuss the dark secret behind the suicide of Ashley Massarro, the demise of the Jeremy Kyle show & the retirement announcement of The Dominator.

Episode 74 - Joe's Random Name Bingo
This week we discuss the tragic end of Silver King in London, & our special guest is big Joe Porritt discussing training with Bram, social media & mental health, & starting out in the Attitude era.

Episode 73 - The Big Jonk Theory
This week we're joined by 'Titan' Jon Kocel, & discuss his recent appearance with music artist Lewis Capaldi, history, the moon landings, 9-11 & Terry Wogan.

Episode 72 - A Knight's Tale
This week we have an exclusive interview with Roy Knight in which we discuss his career, the Knight legacy, Fighting With My Family & his new book

Episode 71 - Fabulous Muta
This week we discuss the Viceland TV series Dark Side Of The Ring, lousy days out & Donald Trump butt plugs

Episode 70 - Teddy Bonkers
This week we discuss broken hearts, broken cars, Hammer Horror, walks with the dog & a whole heap of Easter bullshit. Do join us won't you.

Episode 69 - Areola Grande
This week the usual gang of idiots dissect the weeks news & gossip, plus we're also joined by Producer Jim to run down the past weekends big shows Stateside!

Episode 68 - Fish Hour
This week we discuss customer services, skydiving, cosmetic surgery & another spoken word rap master class from Joby Johnson.

Episode 67 - Sweet Dreams
This week we run down the Wrestlemania card, discuss Stu's dreams of Paige, Joby tries to rap Cardi B style & much more!

Episode 66 - Who's Bad?
This week, as well as wrestling nonsense, we discuss the Michael Jackson allegations, football violence & whether it's wise to sext your boss.

Episode 65 - Momo
This week we discuss the Momo internet scare story, celebrity deaths & dog flatulence.

Episode 64 - Mass debate
This week the usual gang of idiots discuss Jihadi brides, WWE Hall Of Famers & the resurgence of the jigsaw.

Episode 63 - Mambo 65
This week my special guest is 'Ruffneck' Keith Colwill. We discuss mental health advice for up & coming wrestlers, plus late 17th century porcelain!

Episode 62 - Tower Bridge sex rumble
This week we discuss the Royal Rumble, social media slip ups, late night Channel 4 French porn & much more nonsense with our special guests.

Episode 61 - The best a Bulk can get
This week Bulk returns to the show with his take on music, wrestling & rubber fists. We also talk male toxicity with old man Joby Johnson.

Episode 60 - Period drama
This week we discuss wrestlings' latest ridiculous stunt, AEW, OVW & several unbelievable news stories from around the world are also discussed.

Episode 59 - End of year special
This week we reflect on our great year by chatting with a few trainees from our A.S.W.A. Sussex branch. We also discuss the remarkable Xmas episode of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch.

Episode 58 - Not the Xmas special
This week our guest is Mr Universe Roy McLean talking about his accomplishments, personal training & diet, & we also discuss the goings on in the world of British Wrestling.

Episode 57 - Life's a puzzle
This week Stu & Tarnya chat with Liam Dowe & Joby Johnson about the NXT-UK contract situation, the new handheld blowjob machine & the humble 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Episode 56 - Ain't that a punch in the head?
This week we discuss the Nia Jax incident, over the hill rap stars & the Louis Theroux assisted suicide debate.

Episode 55 - Conmen, sleaseballs & liars
This week in a packed episode we discuss Skarlett's IPW debut, a sleazeball promoter trying to sneak back into the business, & the big freakshake debate.

Episode 54 - 20 years of Extreme
We discuss the huge EWW anniversary show along with a look at the Evolution PPV, & general bonfire bullshit.

Episode 53 - Down the rabbit hole
This week we talk to deep tissue specialist Steve Murley, & discuss free energy, healing processes & what your doctor isn't telling you.

Episode 52 - What does everybody want?
In this very special episode we have an exclusive interview with Al Snow, discussing the wrestling business, training & the rise of the Al Snow Wrestling Academy across Europe.

Episode 51 - Whistling Bob
This week we talk Gracie Jiu Jitsu with Paul Bridges from Gracie Barra Hastings. Business, grappling & general nonsense.

Episode 50 - The No Ronnies
This week we talk to Hastings in Focus creator Stuart Baillie, & his
upcoming Big Sleep event in support of the homeless of East Sussex.

Episode 49 - OVW
This week Stu's special guest is Simon Lawrence, discussing the rise of the Al Snow Wrestling Academy, & the future of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Episode 48 - The scourge & the Italian
This week we have an interview with one of the most original music acts in the UK, Leevil, & hot off the back the world premiere of the movie Journeyman, we talk to the man himself Francisco Ciatso.

Episode 47 - Wrestletwits
This week we talk with Jimmy Starr, Maddi Almightyy & from the Twitter sensation Wrestletwits, the excellent Amy Gardiner.

Episode 46 - Papa Daves
This week we bring you an interview with the Twisted genius Dean Ayass & talk about his time with Hammerlock, as the voice of IPW & being on the road with Bret Hart.

Episode 45 - Anniversary waltz
This week, on our first anniversary bumper edition, we play Urban Legend Roulette with 'Big' Jim from The Rock Show LIVE!, talk trash with Joby Johnson & discover why ants are the Japanese of the insect world.

Episode 44 - Paris' ass
This week we discuss fallen heroes of wrestling, racism on the BritWres scene, & of course we discuss the ass of Paris Tate.

Episode 43 - Biscuit hour
This week we discuss the WWE all-female PPV announcement, biscuit idiocy & an interview with freestyle wrestling gold medalist Mark Schultz.

Episode 42 - Yin & tonic
This week we have an exclusive interview with Lionheart from the new ITV WOS brand, & a chat with Grayson Dawn from the Extreme Academy, alongside a bumper batch of listener questions.
Episode 41 - It's coming home
Exclusive interviews with Kelly Sixx discussing his training in Japan, & fresh from NXT UK, referee Mark 'Paz' Parry.

Episode 40 - Cloudmaster
This week Flatliner gets some issues off his chest, & we discuss WWE NEXT UK.

Episode 39 - Take it in deep
This week we take a look at CM Punk's final flourish in the UFC, & we interview Hayden & Becca Loeve from Lincoln Fight Factory wrestling.

Episode 38 - The creator
This week we discuss the All-In show promoted by Cody Rhodes & the Young Bucks, plus there's a very special interview with Nathan Prentice, in which he highlights a visitation that changed his life.

Episode 37 - Disconnect
This week Stu interviews local celebrity Dan Hicks; listen to his own account of battles with drug addiction & mental health, & how he's fought back to become an inspirational figure in the Hastings community.

Episode 36 - You better werk
This week we interview the superb Priscilla Queen of the Ring, & discuss LGBT in pro-wrestling. We also talk to Joby Johnson, plus there's our usual brand of nonsense.

Episode 35 - Them crooked vultures
This week we talk to Bulk who has an exclusive announcement for British wrestling, & much more of the usual nonsense.

Episode 34 - Ailment corner
This week Stu discusses his new found enemy ... diabetes. We also discuss what went on backstage at Bellatrix & much more.

Episode 33 - Plinth
This week we discuss how the Extreme Academy of Wrestling has helped a very important member of our EWW family with mental health problems, & also the fallout from the WAW, World Of Sport & Epic Studios scenario.

Episode 32 - Sex, lies & videotape
This week we talk about more bad news feeling amongst the Britwres crowd, the death of Bruno Sammartino & an interview with the man behind The Rock Show LIVE!, 'Big' Jim Hussell.

Episode 31 - Aliens Vs Dogs
This week Stu & Tarn discuss Wrestlemania, a message about gang violence & alien encounters

Episode 30 - Afro action man
This week we discuss mental health, Battle dinosaurs, twitter wars & Wrestlemania.

Episode 29 - Doom cupboard
We welcome you to our brand new podcast room, where we discuss criminality in pro-wrestling, ball tampering, gym rats obsession with social media & much more.

Episode 28 - Glaswegian stalker
This week we discuss the murky past of Fabulous Moolah & Stu's bizarre late-night encounter with a Glaswegian stalker.

Episode 27 - Peanut butter, jelly & a baseball bat
Stu, Tarnya & Philip Bedwell answer a stack of listener questions in this extended episode.

Episode 26 - Champagne Supernova
This week Stu interviews Mike Bucci about his time in ECW & the WWE, his first meeting with Vince McMahon helping a young John Cena & shares some valuable advice for up & coming wrestlers in the modern age.

Episode 25 - Rubber Johnny
This week we discuss sex robots, intergender wrestling & fast food heists.

Episode 24 - President Fart
This week we have an exclusive interview with Flatliner Chris Manns, & we discuss the Valentines Day shooting, 5 Star Wrestling & Oxfam prostitutes.

Episode 23 - Know your onions!
This week Stu interviews his student AWOL & many topics discussed including being Scott Hall's personal cabbie, wrestling for WAW & the future of British wrestling.

Episode 22 - Boo Whip
This week we discuss Royal Rumble grumbles, continue our discussion of the Britwres sex scandals & sexist things that 'grip Tarns shit'.

Episode 21 - Yum yum Bubblegum
This week we discuss further wayward dick pics in British wrestling, listeners questions, & infuriating Americanisms.

Episode 20 - Operation Stu Tree PART TWO
This week we interview the owner of IPW Billy Wood & discuss his vision for the future of British wrestling, & the latest sex scandals.

Episode 19 - Operation Stu Tree PART ONE
We lift the lid on the seedy side of pro wrestling & also an interview with Dean Joshua Jackson.

Episode 18 - Meatball
In the first episode of the new year Stu & Tarn discuss the upcoming womens Royal Rumble, world's strongest man, trans-gender kids & a specialist interview with Crusher Curtis.

Episode 17 - Yellow Snow
In our last episode of the year, Stu & Tarnya discuss body liquification, Xmas peeves & the Justin Credible incident.

Episode 16 - Dutch custard
Stu & Tarn discuss the WAW Xmas weekender, fans questions, sleep apnea & European custard.

Episode 15 - Questions answered
In this episodes Stu answers some choice listeners questions, & our special guest discussing his performance art & philosophies is Philip Bedwell.

Episode 14 - Hang up on him
Stu & Tarn discuss dodgy takeaways, school assembly & Black Friday. And an exclusive interview with Jeanie Clarke about her rise to fame & autobiography.

Episode 13 - Tube farts
This week we discuss fish cuisine, farting into Smartie tubes & Stu interviews the mastermind behind Lucha Britannia, Garry Vanderhorne.

Episode 12 - Guns, snacks & throw backs
In this weeks episode Stu & Tarn discuss gun control, Korean Asassination & the ill-fated Wrestlexpress show.

Episode 11 - Stay Present
Stu talks mental health with good friend Danielle Free & absolute balderdash with wrestling naan bread Keith Colwill.

Episode 10 - Contraband candy
In this weeks Halloween special Stu a& Tarn discuss the perils of Trick or treat, Witchcraft & other things that give you the hump in the night.

Episode 9 - Vienna
This week Stu interviews one of the UK's greatest ever tag teams, the UK Pitbulls.

Episode 8 - Jon Moores & Jason Cross interviews
This week Stu talks with EWW talent coach Jon Moores & wrestling journeyman Jason Cross.

Episode 7 - Scott Hall & Francisco Ciatso interviews
In this special USA edition, Stu talks to WWE Hall of Fame legend Scott Hall, & also longtime friend, 'The King of Florida' Francisco Ciatso.

Episode 6 - Doug Williams & Kip Sabian interviews
In this weeks episode Stu interviews Doug Williams & Kip Sabian. Also Stu & Tarnya discuss the Jimmy Havoc & Bill Bhatti incident.

Episode 5 - Sweet Saraya Knight interview
An exclusive interview with the matriarch of the Knight family, Sweet Saraya Knight.

Episode 4 - The horror guy
In this packed episode stu chats wrestling, video games & movies with co-host Liam Dowe, & special guest Brett 'Damien' Meadows.

Episode 3 - Titan Interview
This weeks topics include the Sexy Star incident & Stu interviews his tag team partner Titan, & discusses his movie roles on the big screen.

Episode 2 - Skarlett Interview
This week Stu interviews his wife Tarnya about her career in wrestling as Skarlett, her hard upbringing & obstacles she's faced becoming one of the most well known & decorated stars in European women's wrestling.

Episode 1 - Curtain Jerker
In this first ever Stiff Right Hand Podcast The Dominator is joined by Brother Drake & they discuss etiquette, kayfabe killing & the womens wrestling scene.

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